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Malacca Street Photography Masterclass Via Star Cruises

25th to 27th, 30th Nov 2015

An ancient Dutch trading port, the communities and cultural heritage of Malacca have been shaped by centuries of foreign influence. Visiting Malacca’s traditional Chinese temples and the bustling old city, you will find craftsmen and antique traders still practicing their trade in turn-of-the-century shophouses.

Come cruise with Alan Lim in Malacca Street Photography Masterclass. The most challenging and complex genre of photography, it requires one to be mindfully and visually active constantly and responsive to the surrounding, and making sure the exposure metering and composition in near zero accuracy. All these have to be done in a fraction of a second, at the ‘decision moment’. Part science, part art, part psychology; this unique workshop will walk you through the technique and thought process in photo making, and the approach in making portrait of a complete stranger. Learn different methods in camera handling to achieve lightning fast shooting, and most importantly to compose your photo looking exactly like what you have visualised even before you look through the viewfinder.

The concept to cruise to Malacca in this Street Photography Masterclass is simple, we want to make sure every single second of yours is well spent. Instead of just sitting in a tiny spot for hours and wait to be transported to a destination why not move around and enjoy all activities the cruise has to offer, such as watching a live performance by Grammy-winning artists or catch up with your drinks in the bars and lounges. If you prefer something more mellow you could unwind in a jacuzzi, dip in the swimming pool, or relax in the spa to de-stress and detox. Of course, there are 11 restaurants which housed some award-winning chefs for you to embark on a gastronomic journey within a journey. And if you have enough you can just call it a day in your chosen suite or stateroom while the journey continue to your destination. Oh, not to forget the unavoidable sunset and sunrise, unless you sleep through it which is perfectly fine.

For the workshop we will begin with theory in the morning, we will touch on the technique and approach in street photography before we set foot in Malacca. Once everything is covered onboard we will get off the cruise and move on to demo and practical. You will be taught and shown how pictures are being made and not taken. Street photography is making pictures on the street, it’s all about walking, and you will be given ample time to do so and apply what you have learned. What makes learning most effective is critique after practical. There will be two practical sessions, after the first practical we will regroup and go through the pictures. The second practical will be done together with the instructor after the critique session, and revisiting some of the places in the pictures chosen to cover. To make sure you fully enjoy the cruise and relax in this trip, the second critique session will not be conducted till 30th Nov at 7pm in the cozy and inspiring SOP studio.

This unique workshop is a collaboration between School of Photography Singapore and Star Cruises.

Requirement: Essential Foundation Photography, Intermediate Photography, Basic Photography or equivalent. Any working camera and laptop.

Limited to 15 participants.

Package A:
Inside Stateroom
$1068 (Single supplement)
$918 (Twin Sharing)
$884 (Twin Sharing)

Package B:
Oceanview Stateroom with Window
$1203 (Single supplement)
$1008 (Twin Sharing)
$944 (Triple Sharing)

*Payment is non-refundable, booking close on 25th Oct 2015. Payment will be refunded 100% if trip is cancelled.

Our training program embraces a three-part format which includes theory, application and review/critique. This workshop is made up of a mixture of classroom and outdoor for optimal learning experience.

For enquiry please email us at or call us at +65 8133 5134 for more info.