Advanced Composition Course

If you have been consistently producing good photos that are well composed and using some of the basic techniques such as “rule of thirds” without any problem, that’s great. But you probably feel that you have reached a plateau in your composition and you sense that something is missing, maybe they lack impact, or maybe lack emotion… You are most probably right, or else you won’t be here reading this.

Welcome to Advanced Composition where your mind’s eye will be developed, the ability of thinking and seeing as one single unity. There are so much more than just applying the text book techniques which you have learned in the beginning, but you are no longer a beginner and you need to move forward. In this advanced composition course we will introduce you to geometry: part mathematics, part art, sizing, positioning and let’s not forget the properties of space.

This advanced course is for those who want to up their game in photo making in the composition department. You will be challenged mentally and you will see results in every shot you make.

Our training program embraces a three-part format which includes theory, application and review/critique. The sessions are a mixture of theory and practice for the optimal learning experience.

The entire course has four chapters:
    1. Geometry in Composition
    2. Developing the Mind’s Eye
    3. Exercise & Shootout
    4. Story Presentation

Requirement: Any digital cameras, including mobile phone

    • For 1-on-1 Lessons
       $1200/ 4 sessions/ 2 hours each
      (Personalized schedules & outlines)
    • For Group Lessons
      $450/ 4 sessions/ 2 hours each

For inquiry and more info about the course schedule and outline please contact us at or WhatsApp us at +65 8133 5134


This course is designed and conducted by award-winning photographer and photography mentor Alan Lim of School of Photography Singapore. Alan has been a professional photographer for nearly 30 years, his work has been showcased and published on numerous sites which some can be seen below: