Tokyo, Japan | 30 Aug – 3 Sept 2018

About Tokyo:
Street Photography Masterclass in Tokyo is a photographer’s heaven and here are the reasons. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, with over 13 million people in the official metropolitan area alone. Tokyo is the core of the most populated urban area in the world, the metropolis itself has a population of over 37 million people. This huge, wealthy and fascinating metropolis brings high-tech visions of the future side by side with glimpses of old Japan and has something for everyone.

Some of the places where the workshop will take place are; Shibuya Crossing, the rumored to be the busiest intersection in the world, it’s like a giant beating heart, sending people in all directions with every pulsing light change. Perhaps nowhere else says ‘Welcome to Tokyo’ better than this. Hundreds of people – and at peak times said to be over 1000 people – cross at a time, coming from all directions at once yet still managing to dodge each other with practiced, nonchalant agility. Another will be Tokyo’s old-school alleyways or yokocho. These are treasure troves for anyone looking to experience the city’s less sterile and more down-to-earth side. where they host thousands of tiny eateries and pubs, some of them dating way back to the early postwar years, and provide opportunities for slipping back in time to the smoky, change-filled decades of the Showa era.

About Trainer:
This masterclass is designed and conducted by award-winning photographer and photography mentor Alan Lim of School of Photography Singapore. Alan has been a professional photographer for 23 years, his work has been showcased and published on numerous sites which some can be seen below:

Course Structure:
Our training program embraces a three-part format which includes theory, application and review/critique. The five-day workshop is a mixture of theory and hands-on for the optimal learning experience. Each day the session will take 3.5 to 4 hours, either in the early morning or later afternoon, depending on sessions. Therefore you will have ample time for you to go solo to practice on your own or to do whatever you wish to.

Basic Photography or equivalent. Knowledgeable in your own camera operation. Any working digital camera, 35mm to 50mm lens, laptop, thumb drive, tripod(optional).

Workshop Fee: 
(Only limited to 6 participants)

*Booking close on 1st August 2018. Payment will be refunded 100% if Workshop is canceled. 50% of the Workshop Fee will be refunded if the participant decided to withdraw in less than 14 days before the workshop commences date. Participants are responsible for all travel costs such as air tickets, travel insurance, visa, accommodation, local transport, site admission, and food.

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