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Established in 2010
, School of Photography Singapore(SOP) is a photography learning center dedicated to sharing the art and broadening photography culture. Our goal is simple, to nurture the new and youth to become the photographers of tomorrow by providing them with the right foundation, guidance and confidence today.

Founded and led by renowned professional photographer Alan Lim, SOP is supported by a strong team of award-winning photographers; together we are dedicated in sharing our decades of knowledge with everyone who are interested in mastering this craft. The quality and style of teaching, consistency and commitment of SOP has brought the success of seeing students from all works of life and all ages. Just a short 2 years after it’s establishment, the total enrollment has reached a total of 2800 from all over the world.

In 2013, SOP begins to take the lessons out of Singapore and offers memorable photography learning experiences in some of the most colorful locations across Asia. Our mission is making a positive difference to the people and environment of destinations we travel to. As advocates in responsible tourism, SOP commits to contributing back to the people and environments of destinations that it travels to, hence making a positive difference in the lives of all who has a stake in its destination workshops.