Which is the right course for me?

For Beginner and Requiter

For those who have just picked up a camera and are interested in enrolling in a Basic Photography Course, we highly recommend the Essential Foundation Photography Course if you are looking for a good solid foundation course. Alternatively, if time and budget are a concern you can opt for Camera Craft Course first, which is a shorter version.

For Intermediate

If you completely have your camera on a leash, understand the Exposure Triangle (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed), light meter reading, and are fully confident in shooting with fully manual mode without a twitch, then you can jump right into the Intermediate Photography Course. Here you will learn about advanced Spot Light Meter reading, the art of Photography Composition, Advanced Composition and Night Photography.

For Advanced to Professional

If the above foundation is no longer a concern for you and you are ready to advance your photo making skill, Advanced Composition will be the next course. This course will develop your Mind’s Eye and get you out from your regular composition to photo making with geometry and capturing emotion. If you are hardcore and looking for specialty course that will take storytelling to the next level, Documentary Photography is definitely designed for you. This intense and challenging Advanced Course will transform you from a photographer to a documentarian. And for those who want to be in full control of the situation, get technical and create your own lighting effects, we highly recommend one of these Lighting Courses: Essential Lighting Course, Creative Flash Course, and Studio Lighting Workshop.

Oversea Workshops

If you like the idea of intensity learning, traveling and exploring different cultures, check out our Destination Street Photography Workshops. These workshops usually stretch between 3 to 7 days. Due to the Covid19 situation no workshop is available at the moment.

If you don’t find anything or are unsure about what you need, drop us an email and we will help you by assessing your photography level.