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Natural Light Portraiture Workshop

To produce a compelling and stunning portrait, there really shouldn’t be any complicated setup but just good direction from the photographer, and the right usage of natural resource. In this Natural Light Portraiture Workshop you will learn about the entire process in creating a powerful outdoor portrait, solely by using natural light. Begins from visualization, designing the image you have in mind, to scouting and studying the location, and finally controlling and sculpting the light to your desire. In addition, of course you will also learn how to communicate, direct and pose your subject/model like how a professional portrait photographer does it.

Checkout Essential Photography Lighting Course for a complete lighting course.

Requirement: Essential Foundation Photography, basic photography or equivalent, any working camera.

Price: $170/1 session/2 hours


You will learn:
– Working with natural light
– 1 light source
– Light ratio
– Natural light modification
– Location utilization
– Basic posing
– Body Language
– Demo
– Practice
– Recap

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