Cuba Story Told After 10 Years

In 2009, Alan Lim left his senior executive photographer position in The Straits Times after 12 years. He packed and took off for a trip he had been planning for awhile now, it’s a one year ‘around the world’ trip.

He started his quest first from Singapore to Bali, then from Asia to Europe drinking up all the wines in France and Spain. Next, from Europe he traveled to Africa soaking himself in the desert heat of Morocco. And then, from Africa he flew to North America, spent some time in New York and in California where he met up with some friends and made a road trip. Along this journey, somewhere between Africa and North America, Alan made one of the most memorable trips of his life, he landed himself in one of the Caribbean islands, Cuba.

Nearly after 10 years, Alan’s story of Cuba, the first Communist state in the western hemisphere is told in a photo spread features in Keyyes.

Find out what’s life like in Cuba during the years when the U.S. imposed a strict embargo barring two-thirds of American imports from Cuba.