2018 Beijing Street Photography Masterclass Postmortem

Finally, we have returned from our first Beijing Street Photography Masterclass lead by photography mentor Alan Lim.

For five days every morning, Alan and the group cycled to meet up at different locations in Beijing. Every day the workshop started with a critique session on the photos taken on the previous day, then a new set of photography skills were introduced and taught to the participants, they were a mixture of vital practical and philosophical techniques in Street Photography. Once the theory had covered, the group hit the street and put everything into practice right away. During the hands-on, Alan demonstrated how the techniques work in real life, and whenever opportunity arrived he would explain his thought process while he was executing his shots. Participants were also being observed by the mentor on how they approached their subject to make sure they were applying the techniques correctly. Very often during the hands-on sessions, the participants would get their photos critiqued and pointers were given on the spot to achieve the optimal learning experience and gained constant improvement.

The entire design and process of this street photography workshop truly make this masterclass a unique and effective one for any photographers who wish to see lightning speed improvement or to raise their bar to the next new height in street photography.

Check out some of the work produced by the participants in this Street Photography Masterclass.

Coming up:  Tokyo 5-day Street Photography Masterclass,  6th – 10th Sept 2018. Currently, we already have four signed up, two openings left, don’t miss it!

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