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Essential Foundation Photography Course

(*Recommended for beginner and requiter)

Whether you are a complete newbie looking for Basic Photography Course or looking for a solid Foundation Photography Course to get things done right, you are basically here because you are ready to start new with the right photography course.

Today, we all have the latest hi-tech digital camera which is great, but it does not take photos for us.  Besides having a good camera, a good photographer needs a solid foundation. In this Essential Photography Course, we prepare just that for you and we make sure you will excel in every session.

“Unlike many, we’ll not waste your money and time to teach you how to use your camera on Semi-Auto mode. That’s basically teaching you half of what you’ve paid for to learn.”

Your first satisfaction in this course is walking out of your first lesson with the achievement of know how to operate your camera in Full Manual Mode. Alongside with the knowledge of controling your camera, you will learn the science behind the art of photography, what composition really is, how to apply it, and how to harness the magic qualities of light. Ultimately you will learn how to make photos to tell stories, not just take it.

This vital course is composed of four crucial photography courses; Camera Craft, Composition, Intermediate Photography, and Night Photography. Our aim is simple: share our expertise with you and make you a photographer, not merely a camera owner.

Our training program embraces a three-part format which includes theory, application and review/critique. The five sessions are a mixture of theory and practical for the optimal learning experience.

The entire course has four chapters:
1. Mastery of the tool
2. Seeing with a third eye
3. Painting with light
4. Story presentation

Requirement: DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual mode and tripod


 $1500/ 5 sessions/ 2 hours each
(Dates are flexible)

Group (10 max)
$590/ 8 sessions/ 2 hours each
(Commencing on 14th May 2019, open for enrolment now)

For enquiry and more info about the course outline please contact us at or call +65 8133 5134


This course is designed and conducted by award-winning photographer and photography mentor Alan Lim of School of Photography Singapore. Alan has been a professional photographer for 23 years, his work has been showcased and published on numerous sites which some can be seen below: