Photography Mentorship Program

Designed for working photographers and those who wish to broaden their skill and visual perspective and push the boundaries of their personal development.

Photography Mentorship Program is designed to elevate the professional standard of photographers, under the guidance of School of Photography Singapore’s photography mentor and contemporary practitioner award-winning photographer Alan Lim. The photography program provides an opportunity for photographers to polish their work with an emphasis on refining both technique and visual narratives.

This programs either 6, 8 or 10 sessions, they are spread out once every two weeks. The sessions may include shoot out, assignment reviews, photo critiques or technical help, depending on your performance, what’s lacked, and what’s needed to be improved. For sessions which the mentor feels that photo critique is required, it will be conducted over online Zoom. 

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About Alan Lim


Photography Mentorship Basic
$1680/ 6 sessions/ 1.5 hr

Photography Mentorship 
$2080/ 8 sessions/ 1.5 hr

Photography Mentorship 
$2400/ 10 sessions/ 1.5 hr


The workshop is open to anyone with a good level of photographic aptitude. Participants will need to submit one portfolio of 10 works (with short captions), bio, CV, and a short paragraph on what is hoped to be achieved in this program. Participants will be selected based on their portfolio by the mentor.

For inquiry and more info, email us at or WhatsApp us +65 8133 5134


This program is conducted by award-winning photographer and photography mentor Alan Lim of School of Photography Singapore. Alan has been a professional photographer for more than 30 years, his work has been showcased and published on numerous sites which some can be seen below: