Showcase at Visual Asia Expo 2015

Visual Asia Expo 2015 was a very exciting event in Singapore, lots of interesting exhibitors showcasing their products and services, such as the latest 3D printers, photographic lightings, boring printings and so on. Beside those, School of Photography Singapore was honored to be invited to showcase the quality of both our instructor and students’ work. The work was carefully chosen and we decided to pick photography which were shot on location, in both control(conceptual portrait) and non-control(street photography) genres. 15 images from photographer mentor, Alan Lim and SOP alumni, Agnieszka Ragazzini were chosen to represent SOP so that the visitors could associate best.

On the first day of the opening, Alan also gave a talk on the topic of Effective Composition With Any Camera. This topic was chosen by him because he felt a lot of us fell in the trap that an expensive high megapixle and state-of-the-art digital camera loaded with all sort of features will make us take better picture, but of cause, it does not. So in his talk he addressed the some of the problems and gave invaluable tips on what professional photographers do before they press the shutter button. The talk was well received and it helped those who were wanted to learn to take better pictures, and those who had never attended any photography courses before but yet wish to improve in their photography skills.